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Below you will find all of the information needed to join the sisterhood of Phi Alpha Omega at Flagler College, as well as some frequently asked questions. Please feel free to reach out or even schedule a meeting to meet with a member of our executive board for any other questions you may have.


What are the requirements to join Phi Alpha Omega?

       To join Phi Alpha Omega, you would come visit us Club Night or at our Mingle Monday social event where you will get to meet the sisters of Phi Alpha Omega. You will receive information for upcoming events and our weekly chapter meetings.  At those, you can ask questions and get the information for that year's Sprit Week. Sprit Week allows you to meet the sisters, fellow associates, and get a better feel for what Phi Alpha Omega is about. After Spirit Week, you will receive a bid to become a member of Phi Alpha Omega. Once you accept that bid, you will become an associate of Phi Alpha Omega. Being an associate means you are not fully inducted yet, which will happen in the Spring semester. Phi Alpha Omega welcomes all years so you could be a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior and still join our sisterhood.

What kind of community service does Phi Alpha Omega do?

     Phi Alpha Omega does a vast variety of community service. This past year, we donated toiletry bags to the Betty Griffin House in St. Augustine. During Day of Service, we made adoption bags for the animals at Safe Pet Rescue. Throughout the year, we do numerous beach cleanups to make sure our local beaches are looking their best.


Is Phi Alpha Omega expensive?

      As an associate, you are required to pay $120 in dues for the year. Once you become a pinned sister, those dues decrease to $80 for the year. Dues are paid quarterly (i.e. four times a school year or twice a semester). As an associate, you would make four payments of $30; and as a sister, you would make four payments of $20. We want to make sure Phi Alpha Omega is affordable for everyone, so please feel free to reach out to our Treasurer if you have any concerns or questions about due payments.

When do we have our meetings?

     Phi Alpha Omega holds weekly chapter meetings that are required for all associates and sisters to attend. These meetings are held every Tuesday night starting at 8:00 pm and last until 9:00 pm. 

Do you have a question that was not answered above? Please feel free to schedule a meeting with a member of our executive board below. We would love to help and let you know more about our organization!

Interested in Joining ?

Fill out our interest form below. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in the contact section below.

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